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Want to encourage more students and faculty to ditch bottled water and drink tap on campus? Want a cool way to get everyone to join the movement? I Love NY Water is partnering with schools throughout New York State to promote refills not landfills!

We provide schools with FREE materials including signage, infographics and social media assets. Materials can be used throughout campus, near water refill stations in the gym, cafeteria, dorms and in bookstores to let students and faculty know that choosing tap water is better for the environment and your wallet! Below, check out a list of the top 5 things you can do to start promoting I Love NY Water on your college campus:

1. Spread the love. Encourage students to post photos of themselves with their reusable water bottles using the hashtag #ilovenywater.
2. Speak to the administration. Persuade them to put I Love NY Water signage near public water fountains, water refill stations and anywhere tap water is available. It’s virtually free!
3. See and be seen. Visit different areas of your campus to see how you can integrate I Love NY Water, such as dining halls, dorms, student centers, sports teams and health clubs.
4. Make the news. Reach out to local media (newspaper, TV stations, bloggers) to cover a story on your area water source and the work you are doing to encourage drinking tap.
5. Be yourself. Don’t leave home without your reusable water bottle – after all, you’re a savvy student who knows that spending money on bottled water is not a smart choice.

Make sure to check out and download FREE materials from our Resources page!

For more information, to receive materials and to get involved, please email to

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*The I Love NY Water logo is to be used to build this initiative and may not be used for any commercial purposes.